Numerical 2 - What's New

v2.0.8 / 2.0.9 - Released 19th June 2017

  • Today Widget!
  • Copy/paste/insert from Today Widget and Keyboard extension by tapping equation area.
  • Localised decimals and grouping symbols.
  • Fix for Copy not copying answer and question.

v2.0.7 - Released 28th May 2017

  • Fix for issue when editing theme on iPad
  • Numbers in question area are now formatted with comma's so it's nice and pretty.
  • Fix for annoying phenomena where selected a bunch of equations from history would result in duplicate's being created.

v2.0.6 - Released 23rd May 2017

  • Bug: e^2 produces error
  • Bug: Some equations brought to ^20 or higher would produce error
  • Nameable themes
  • Undo/redo with swipes, up to 30 times.
  • Swipe up to clear
  • Swipe down to start new with answer

v2.0.5 - Released 13th May 2017

  • Much faster evaluation and keyboard responsiveness.
  • Multiline question view, ala Numerical 1.
  • Set decimal count option.
  • Fix issue where buttons have underline for user who have enabled Display Button Shapes.
  • Clear animation.
  • Fix occasional errors related to History updates.

v2.0.4 - Released 1st May 2017

  • Prefer history behind toggle (switch it off for history on the side ala Numerical 1)
  • Hideable scientific keyboard
  • Prefer radians toggle
  • Delete All button in the history list
  • Nicer history view
  • Bug fix: Brackets key would stupidly attempt to follow a ) with an ( when really it should be another )
  • Toggle for always show numeric answers.
  • Overall colors and design has been darkened and toned down a bit.
  • Big improvements to keypad responsiveness and that issue where fast typing might start the keypad scrolling a little.

v2.0.3 - Released 23rd April 2017

  • Right aligned equation view
  • Undo swipe
  • Taller answer area so the delete key is lower
  • Bigger question font
  • Workpanel should be movable to a 65% view rather than 50%
  • Bug: Brackets not being allowed to follow brackets
  • Bug: Brackets not being allowed to follow percentage’s
  • Bug: Editing equation would incorrectly position cursor
  • Copying question now copies "question = answer"
  • Bug: Error types not displaying properly
  • URL Scheme
  • Keyboard shorter name

v2.0.2 - Released 18th April 2017

  • Final fix for the grey screen issue, which turned out to be related to the iOS Reduce Transparency setting.

v2.0.1 - Released 16th April 2017

  • Fix for IAP which was messed up on Apple's end.
  • Font and UI tweaks to enhance readability and make it look more Numerical 1ish
  • New logo
  • Removed autoscroll from history view which made it hard to use concurrently with work.
  • Fixed logic error related to order of operations of multiply/divide and add/subtract.
  • Color's in Theme Creator are brighter and more accurate to what the final theme will look like.
  • Fixes related to crash on launch bug (WIP).
  • Ongoing bug related to theme's appearing as grey/missing. This version falls back to the default theme in the event a theme cannot be setup.
  • Added "What's New" link in Settings area.

v2.0.0 - Released 15th April 2017

  • Full scientific keypad including sin/cos/tan, EE, ln, log, square root and more!
  • Use the fraction key to do coherent fractional math and your answer is presented in numeric and fractional formats.
  • Use Pi, E and infinity to determine the answer to any question, including impossible ones.
  • New design places the History list behind the keypad - pull down to see your history while you work!
  • History List now syncs with iCloud.
  • Landscape view (finally) works on iPhone.
  • Full support for iPad Split Screen multi-tasking.
  • Install the Numerical² keyboard so you can calculate a question in any app. Tap a button and the answer is inserted in the text field.
  • Made a mistake? Tap the current equation to enter edit mode where you can select characters, insert and delete.
  • Apply 16 beautiful themes including new entrants Candy, Mint, Lava and a set of “bright themes”.
  • Use the Theme Creator to make your own bright and beautiful color scheme.