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[2007 COMIC]

After I finished highschool I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with, well, my life… so I started making films and comic books and experimenting, hoping to find that something that resonated.

One of many creative attempts of that time is a comic book series called Giblets about a bunch of strange bobble-headed creatures exploring an infinite expanse called The Void. Over the course of 4 short books (is it a book if it’s barely 16 pages?) it turned into an almost Matrix-inspired meta-story about existence and what it means to be alone. I did not have a girlfriend at this time.

I got them printed and sold at a few local comic book shops where they reached a very minor following. Comic books didn’t really click with me enough to become a career but there is a happy place for the Giblets in my heart <3

Chapter 1: Something New

Chapter 2: Something Interesting

Chapter 3: Something Remarkable

Chapter 4: Something True